The Bigger the Sequins, the Better!

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Sequins fabric is a beautiful polyester fabric covered in ⅜” sequin pieces. The fabric is 55” wide and sold in continuous yards. Sequins fabric is $10.99 a yard and available in six different colors including silver, turquoise, white, red, green, and fuchsia. If you would like to try the sequins fabric without purchasing an entire yard then you can always request a sample of any color for only $1.

Sequins fabric is great for making arts and crafts such as decorative pillows, tissue box covers, or even for making stylish clothes. Crafting ideas include making sensory bracelets, reversible corkboards, or Christmas tree decorations. You can dress up hair barrettes and headbands by covering the plain band with sequin fabric for added pizzazz then using fabric glue to hold it in place. Another decorative idea is to line the outside of a plain picture frame with sequins fabric to spice up the frame. Sequin fabric is easy to work with and versatile for creating a variety of decorating and crafting ideas.

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rain drop sequins collage

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Striking Sequins!

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If you want to stun your audience with your sparkling, bold costume or wow your date when you step out in a flowing, sequined masterpiece of a dress, you’ll want to read on. Because Cabaret Sequins Stretch Mesh Fabric will accomplish either goal. This fabric boasts a pattern of carefully chosen curved and elongated shapes composed of sequins on a mesh backing. You have more than 15 colors to choose from, with different sequin to mesh color combinations. Some examples are silver on black mesh, for a striking look, or royal blue for a gentler, brighter outcome. Any dress made of this fabric is sure to be remarkable and beautiful. You can also use this fabric to make a fancy skirt, or even a handbag! Don’t limit yourself!

Cabaret Sequins Stretch Mesh Fabric is made of polyester and has a two-way stretch to improve comfort. The width of the fabric is 55/59 inches. You can own this shimmering cloth for $28.99 per yard. Samples are $1. Let your next project be stunning with this incredible option!

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cabaret sequins stretch mesh

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Look Like A Queen in this Sequined Masterpiece

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With wedding season and prom soon approaching, you are likely in the market for the perfect dress fabric. If you’re looking for something that stands out but has a refined look, you’ll be quite impressed by our Empire Sequins Royal Dress Fabric in Hunter Green. In fact, one of our customers was so pleased with this fabric that they created a stunning, billowy dress from it. They used this sequins fabric on the bodice, creating a beautifully patterned, intricate look that really compliments the model’s body. To create the flowing, airy skirt of the dress, they used a matching shade of green satin. The result is truly breathtaking!

You can create your own dress with this fabric with equally fabulous results! The sequins on this fabric will create a glittering effect as you move, and the queenly design will bring the dress to life. This fabric has a width of 54″ and has a mesh backing. It is made of polyester. Available for $29.99, it will bring a masterful elegance to your dress whether for prom or for wedding season.


sequin mermaid fabric dress


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