Miss California Golden Diamond Sequins Dress

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Miss California Golden Diamond Sequins Dress

Miss California Golden Diamond Sequins Dress

A lot of us have seen the gorgeous dress that was worn by the gorgeous model and winner of the Miss California 2017 event, India Williams, at the aforementioned event. And we’ll all agree that the dress is exquisitely stunning. This dress brings out the radiance of her smile and the beauty of her body; that’s what you get when your dress is made up of our Golden Diamond Sequin Fabric.

The Sequin Fabric is considered to be the peacock of the fabric world, and the Golden Diamond Sequin Fabric, the king. The fabric is so beautiful, hard to resist, and of course, flashy, giving it a top status amongst other fabrics. You are bound to make heads turn when you have a dress that’s made with this fabric on.

Sewing the sequin fabric comes with its own challenges, but in order to create something as stunning as what India Williams has on in the picture above, you will have to follow some sequin fabric sewing tips.

There are a lot of sequin material on the market these days, so you have to be mindful of where you are purchasing it from and what you are buying. Make sure you purchase your fabric from a reputable company like Big Z Fabric. If you really want an original Golden Diamond Sequin Fabric like that of India, then Big Z Fabric is your go to merchant. Our Golden Diamond Sequin Fabric comes in three different colors -silver, gold, and champagne gold- and is sold by the yard. Big Z Fabric is all about authenticity and cheaper prices. You’ll be amazed when you see our prices.

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric Silver

Golden Diamond Sequins Dress Fabric Silver

You need to know that sequin fabrics come in two types -some are stretchy and some aren’t. Therefore, when working with the sequin fabric, first thing you need to do is determine if it has stretch in it; this will help you choose a pattern that will go accordingly with the fabric. You also need to note that sequin fabrics are more bulky than normal fabric, therefore the shape you choose must be a really simple one. You can use the picture above as an example.

Sequins can be really uncomfortable and scratchy if there are not supplemented with linings. So when creating your garment, ensure that your pattern is one that will include lining.

Because there will be sequins everywhere. In order to minimize this, place a drop cloth beneath the area where you are going to cut the Golden Diamond Sequin Fabric.

When dealing with sequins, you need to have it at the back of your mind that no matter what blade you make use of, that blade is bound to become dull. Therefore, make use of an old pair of scissors to cut your fabric; do not use your serger. When making stitches, make use of a leather needle as they are actually designed to pierce this type of fabric.

Do not forget that the material matters. Get your Golden Diamond Sequin Fabric from Big Z Fabric today at amazing prices, and start your journey to creating one of the most beautiful garments on earth.

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