Create the Dress you Wish you Had!

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Finding the perfect dress for a cocktail party or date night can be a long process, especially for the indecisive among us. So why not make things easier on yourself? Instead of looking through the dresses in your closet over and over again, create the dress you wish you had! Not only will you feel your best while wearing something you’ve made with your own hands, but you won’t be limited by the sizes and styles the store has in stock!

With Big Rain Drop 3/8” Sequin Mesh Fabric, you can create that dream dress! You may be used to seeing small sequins spangled all over cocktail dresses, but this fabric is different. It features glimmering round sequins sized to make an impact and mobile enough to move with you and catch the light. You can choose from 7 colors, including green, purple, silver, red, and blue. Or use two colors for an even flashier display! Available for $10.99 a yard, this fabric is 100% polyester with a width of 55”. You can request a sample piece for $1 if you’d like to take a closer look at this flamboyant fabric and let it inspire you.

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big tear drop red dress

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