Back to School – Magic Sequins Backpack

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Magic Sequins Backpack

Magic Sequins Backpack

Our Reversible Mermaid Pearl Sequin Spandex Fabric can be used to make stylish backpacks like the one in the image. Whether you are student heading to class, or you are traveling to a new destination or attending one of your favorite artist’s shows; this magic sequins backpack is an ideal choice for you. You could rock this magic sequins backpack for fun, casual outings and storage. This backpack is made from our collection of unique reversible sequins fabric that you can flip up to make different patterns. Show off your style while carrying out your daily activities!

Also our sequin fabrics are perfect for making beautiful and fashionable dresses, costumes, gowns, shoes, clothing linings, handbags, clothing accessories, and a lot more. Our reversible Mermaid Pearl Sequin Spandex Fabric is also the ideal fabric for making amazing jackets that are sure to illuminate the night. They are available in various colors and patterns to give you tremendous options and tones to choose from to make beautiful apparel to suit your personality and style. Our mermaid sequin fabric is fit for any occasion and is sure to draw admirers wherever you go.

If you want to recreate the same backpack make sure you purchase our Reversible Mermaid Sequins Spandex Fabric. This fabric has a width of 52 inches and is sold by the yard. Call now for wholesale pricing at 213-745-BIGZ (2449).

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Reversible Sequins Mermaid Fabric Fuchsia/Silver

Reversible Mermaid Sequins Fabric Fuchsia/Silver

Aqua/Gold Reversible Mermaid Sequins Fabric

Reversible Mermaid Sequins Fabric Aqua/Gold

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