Reversible Sequins Magic Bed Headboard

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Reversible Sequins Magic Bed Headboard

Reversible Sequins Magic Bed Headboard

If you are a fan of the popular mermaid pillows, then a “Mermaid Headboard” would be the next best thing. Just like the mermaid pillow, the mermaid headboard has the same glamorous luxe look of the blinged out sequins. What makes it magical is that the front of the sequins is a different color from the back, so when you swipe your hands over them you preposition the sequins allowing you to leave a design or message. A mermaid headboard is perfect to add life to your bedroom décor.

The mermaid headboard will also leave a lasting impression throughout your day by writing a positive message in the sequins. You can also leave notes, reminders, or messages to your child or spouse in the headboard where it cannot be overlooked. This innovative bedroom décor will have you looking at bedroom décor in a different light. Your friends and family will be impressed and amazed at the luxury appearance and functionality of your mermaid headboard. Mermaid headboards look expensive, but they are easier and more economical then they appear. The fact that you can have a different design daily on your headboard makes this mermaid headboard a must have.

Mermaid Pearl Sequin Fabric White/Black

Mermaid Pearl Sequin Fabric White Black

Our Mermaid Sequins Spandex Fabric is available in several beautiful colors and is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The fabric has a poly-spandex backing with rows of sequins. The gorgeous sequins make this fabric truly unique and eye appealing. The sequins are glossy and shiny, giving it a pearl like appearance when flat. This lightly stretchable fabric allows a 3-5% stretch allowing a better fit. Originally $26.99, now at an unbeatable price of $24.99 per yard. You can use our fabric to make your very own mermaid headboard just with the right measurements, a good quality fabric sheers, and a staple gun. All you have to do is have enough fabric and carefully staple the fabric on your headboard from the back so staples cannot be seen. You can also use fabric glue or hand sew the fabric onto your headboard. This is a great DIY project for your bedroom and you can offer made to order mermaid headboards to friends and customers. Whether you make it for yourself or for a customer, your mermaid headboard will be a hit.

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