Sexy Reversible Mermaid Sequins Jumpsuit

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Sexy Reversible Mermaid Sequins Jumpsuit

Sexy Reversible Mermaid Sequins Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are always sexy and this one is perfect for the party! This jumpsuit is an amazing evening out attire and sure to be a crowd pleaser. Why pay boutique prices when you can make this jumpsuit at home? No more endless fitting room nightmares- no more fruitless searches through miles of clothing store racks! With just few quick seams, you can sew this fabulous outfit at home and have it on hand for the perfect date, party or night out with the girls! What is nice about making this yourself is that you know that it will fit your body type like a glove and be designed to fit your own individual personality

The jumpsuit pictured here is made from our Mermaid Pearl Sequin Spandex Fabric. This lightweight material is an amazing blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, providing just the right amount of give to be both comfortable and stunningly stylish. There are 26 different colors of this wonderful material to choose from, giving you plenty of choice for the perfect outfit. This fabric consists of a poly spandex backing which is layered with thousands of pearl-like sequins. Each glossy sequin is reversible with a different color on each side, creating a beautiful design pattern change with each movement and a new glamorous effect with every step!

Mermaid Pearl Sequin Fabric Taupe/Cream

Mermaid Pearl Sequin Fabric Taupe Cream

Our Mermaid Pearl Sequin Spandex fabric has a 52”/54” width and is sold by the yard or by the roll depending on your needs. Right now, most of our color choices can be purchased at a special price! You can make one jumpsuit or several. How about a matching handbag or hair accessories? This is also perfect material for evening dresses, blazers, or shawls. It is also great for portraits studio props, theatrical productions and recital costumes. The sky is the limit with this fabric and with this special price, you can try as many creative projects as you heart and closet can hold!

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