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Looking for beautiful fabric at a reasonable price for your next project? Look no further! Sequins Mesh Fabric comes in many colors such as aqua, black, coral, fuschia, gold, off-white, red, royal blue, turquoise and white. The fabric is very versatile allowing you to make many different things with it such as dresses, handbags, costumes, decor such as table runners, accessories and much more. Got an old couch that you can’t stand the sight of or maybe someone you want to catch the attention of? Use Sequins Floral Scale Mesh fabric to give that old couch new life with a cover or new upholstery and to take someone’s breath away with the dress you made. Not convinced you should buy this fabric? Just picture the next party at your house and all of your friends gathered around talking and one of them spots the table runner you made and points out how beautiful it is, the joy and pride you will be filled with over your creation will be very satisfying. Sold by the yard and in continuous yards and currently $15.99 this is high fashion at a very reasonable price and samples can be ordered for just $1 so head to our website now and place your order today

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Floral Scale Sequins Mesh Fabric

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