A New Take On Sequins!

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Holographic Square Sequins Mesh Fabric gives a new look to a long-known style. Rather than round sequins, this fabric was designed with square sequins. These shimmering scales have rounded edges and are attached by one corner, creating a dangling look. Their holographic aspect makes them shimmer and shine in different shades as the light catches them. Combined with the mesh backing they are sewn onto, this design makes for a light and airy fabric. It will create a lively look with any movement as the sequins, reminiscent of fish scales, dance and glimmer.

This fabric would be wonderful as a dress, as movement will show off the sequins to best effect. It would also work well as a scarf or home decoration. A more unusual option would be to use it as a room divider or curtain. This fabric has a width of 51 inches and is made of polyester. It is available for 21.99 per yard, and for $1 you can request a sample. Bring a bit of shimmer to your next project with this astonishing fabric!

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