Add an Exotic Shimmer to the Season!

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Big Dot Sequin Hologram Mesh Fabric/Lure™ is a wonderful option for a unique, shimmering, bright look. This fabric features 6/8″ mermaid sequins sewn onto a mesh backing. They overlap in a beautiful mermaid-scale pattern, so that every inch of this fabric shimmers with holographic effect. You can choose from 11 bright to subtle shades. Some examples are Holographic Ocean Mermaid, Holographic Ocean Pink, Holographic Orange, and Mermaid Green. For a less flashy look, you can choose Holographic White Fog, Holographic Purple Pleasure, or Mermaid Pink. For an even subtler look, you might like Transparent Lilac on your choice of either white, lilac, or pink mesh backing.

This fabric would look stunning as an evening dress. The glimmering sequins will move with you, drawing the eye. You can also use this fabric to create a collection of fun throw pillows! These colors will be a great addition to your home and will really add joy to the atmosphere. This fabric comes in a width of 52/54 inches and is made of polyester. It sells for $17.99 or $22.99 depending on the color you choose. You can also request a $1 sample if you would like.

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