Belle Floral Sequins Fabric is a Crafters Dream

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Belle Floral sequins fabric is an intricate and elegant fabric that really has endless uses. The flowers are so stunning and the sequins only add more visual intrigue to the piece. The edges are scalloped and the flowers are backed by a clear mesh fabric.

Craft-wise, this fabric is perfect for accenting lampshades, pillows, and many other sewing projects. Using it as a top layer over a skirt or dress would be amazing. The colors are so diverse and and visually pleasing. The black could be used for the perfect black and white piece. The fuschia and jade are light and bright with the added sparkle of the sequins. Those are just three of the colors, this collection has a variety of choices.

The sequined lace fabric is affordable at $19.99 a yard and no doubt will receive a lot of compliments no matter you create. The options are really endless and this timeless fabric will no doubt be used countless times. Order your $1 sample today, or give us a call! 213-745-BIGZ (2449)

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collage belle floral sequins

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