Diamonds and Sequins!

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Looking for a new idea using sequins? If you love sequined fabric but want a bit more variety and pattern, you may enjoy the look of Diamond Checkered Sequins Mesh Fabric. This cloth features a diamond pattern in alternating colors carefully stitched onto a mesh backing. Small sequins are delicately placed to make up the diamonds, which are 1.5 by 2 inches. This fabric comes in White/Silver and in Tiffany/Gold, giving you two timeless options to choose from. This fabric would shine as a dress or even a scarf. For a more unusual ideas, you could try using this fabric as window drapes or as a room divider.

This fabric comes in a width of 54″ and has a two-way stretch. It is made of polyester. Diamond Checkered Sequins Mesh Fabric is available for $11.99 per yard. Samples are also available, which will let you see the fabric in person for $1. Let this sequined diamond pattern inspire you to create!

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diamond checkered sequins

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