Just in Time for your Halloween Project

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Our Heart Damask Sequins Power Mesh Fabric features a damask heart pattern placed upon a power mesh backing. The edges are finished, so no need to worry about your project unraveling if you leave the edges intact. Circular, sparkling sequins accent the heartwarming design, adding a unique element to your project. This excitingly versatile fabric comes in a width of 52″ and is sold by the yard and in continuous yards, on sale for $25.99. Samples are available for just $1.

We suggest making this fabric a part of this year’s Halloween costume. The fabric comes in three colors, purple/gold, peach/gold, and charcoal/gray. The perfect shades for a witch, princess, or wizard outfit. The Heart Damask Sequins Power Mesh Fabric can comprise the body of the costume, such as the dress or jacket, or you can fashion it into a distinctive cape to swirl behind your little trick-or-treater.

Alternately, you can use the fabric to create a set of eye-catching drapes, a glimmering handbag, or perhaps a glamorous belt to accent a nice dress. If it’s time to freshen up your décor with a fabric that reveals your shiny personality, this may be your chance. The possibilities are endless, as this detailed fabric can act as either the main component of your project or as a skillfully placed accent adding interest and charm.

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Heart Damask Sequins

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