Let Your Inner Sparkle Out!

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Looking for a shimmery, eye-catching dress fabric? Or do you have another project in mind that could benefit from a few sparkles, such as a handbag or costume? Then Mini Disc Sequin Nylon Mesh Fabric may be the perfect option for you. This fabric features tiny, colored sequins placed onto a mesh backing. There are over 15 fun and fashionable color options, including holographic sequin options for that additional glimmer. Aqua, Brush Gold, Dusty Rose, Holographic Yellow, and Kelly Green are just a glimpse of the choices awaiting you. This fabric will sparkle and glitter when hit by light, and so will you!

Mini Disc Sequin Nylon Mesh Fabric is made of polyester and comes in a width of 54 to 55 inches. It has a slight four-way stretch, so you won’t feel confined when wearing it. Available for $9.99 a yard, this fabric will give your next project the sparkle you’re looking for. If you still want to see it person first, you can request a $1 sample and take a look.

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