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In the old days, one of the most expensive fabrics was lace, and that was because it simply took so long to make. Weaving looms were quicker and easier, so solid textiles were far cheaper, while a good lace pattern took dedication, patience and focus. And time, the singular ingredient no amount of shortcuts could fix. Lace took time. Machine lace rapidly overtook its handcrafted counterpart in the 19th century however, dropping the prices of good lace significantly, and since then humanity has gone out of the way to make it more and more beautiful.

This flower lace is augmented with sparkling sequins and done in rolls no less than 56 inches across, selling for $21.99 a yard in thirteen different colors. The pattern is fairly decent sized, neither overly large or too small, and will work best when lain over another fabric as it is rather transparent aside from flowers. There is a small bit of stretching, but although it is rather easy to sew, lace can be fragile and shouldn’t be pulled beyond limitation.

This could be used to pattern a gown or as an accent for another project, provided that project keeps the lace limitations in mind.

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