Want to Create your Dream Cocktail Dress? This is the Fabric for you!

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Our Celestial Floral Hand Beaded Sequins Mesh Fabric features a breathtakingly beautiful floral design backed by our delicate mesh. The pattern showcases a flower and leaf design detailed down to each individual leaf. The design exhibits exceptional attention to detail accented by carefully chosen beads. Skilled crafters have individually hand-placed each bead for best effect, depending on its size and shape. This hand-beaded fabric is bordered top and bottom by a delicate lacy design that perfectly accents the floral pattern.

We believe this eye-catching border design would look stunning along the hem of a cocktail dress. This hand beaded cloth would be the talk of the party. With ten colors to choose from, there is sure to be an option that suits your style. Burgundy, dusty pink, gold, ivory, and navy blue represent just a taste of the possibilities. Place one of the darker options over a lighter background to create a boldly unique look or overlay one of the lighter shades onto a light background for a more delicate design.

This incredible fabric is available for $65.99 by the yard and in continuous yards. As always you can request a sample for just $1 dollar if you would like to see how it pairs with a companion fabric. This Celestial Floral Hand Beaded Sequins Mesh Fabric comes in a width of 51 to 52 inches. Try this unique, hand-beaded fabric today and create a lovely cocktail dress, shimmering drapes, or fresh décor for your home.

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Celestial sequin fabric collage


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