Sequins Fabric; Fun and Funky!!!!

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Taking a trendy approach to creating a DIY project can be fun, especially when you choose to use sequins fabric. This fabric creates a shine and even sets a fun tone. Multiple options are available when deciding which sequins fabric to choose. Choosing the correct type of fabric to use depends completely on the project and personal preference. Big and little sequins are available as well as different colors. Choose the shiny sequins fabric to create more sparkle and class; while holographic sequins fabric is a great choice to add depth and more color flexibility. Funky and more modern sequin fabric is available to those that have that specific taste.

Big Dot Sequin Hologram Mesh Fabric fabric may look intimidating to work with when creating a projects. All of the sequins are sewn onto a different fabric that allows the versatility to make apparel, pillows, and even costumes. This fabric is very fun and exciting and offers a lot of flexibility with the ease of regular fabric. Stay trendy and create sparkle with the different sequins fabric. Order a $1 sample fabric swatch for your convenience!

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Exceptional Fabric for an Exceptional Bride!

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If you are looking for a beautiful, ethereal wedding fabric, you’ll want to take a look at Bridal Beaded Sequins Dress Fabric. This cloth features scalloped edges and floral embroidery. It will definitely put a smile on any bride’s face. Carefully placed beads accent the floral pattern, while shimmering sequins provide a subtle emphasis. Light will reflect in all directions as she walks down the isle, without the risk of blinding guests and detracting from the ceremony. The designers have kept an eye on balance when it comes to this fabric.

Use Bridal Beaded Sequins Dress Fabric to create a custom veil for yourself or the bride in your life. The fabric comes in a width of 52 inches, so you’ll have plenty to work with. You can create a flowing, cascading look or a modest, understated feel. Let her special day be filled with love and offset by a heartfelt, handmade veil from someone who cares about her. This fabric is available for $39.95 and is made of polyester. It is available in ivory or white, depending on your needs. Ask for a $1 sample to view this detailed fabric up close or to compare the colors.

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Mesh Sequin Chevron Fabric Ideas

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This Zig Zag Sequin Mesh Fabric is an absolute delight to work with, mainly due to its high quality. The color choices of aqua (pictured below), and fuchsia make excellent choices for whatever crafts you have in mind.
Reasonably priced at $13.99 per yard, this fabric is perfect for stocking up for future projects. Don’t forget today is the last day to use your October coupon code to save more money!

Share your creativity with us by tagging us @BigZFabric on Instagram. We love to feature your work!

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