Mesh Sequin Chevron Fabric Ideas

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This Zig Zag Sequin Mesh Fabric is an absolute delight to work with, mainly due to its high quality. The color choices of aqua (pictured below), and fuchsia make excellent choices for whatever crafts you have in mind.
Reasonably priced at $13.99 per yard, this fabric is perfect for stocking up for future projects. Don’t forget today is the last day to use your October coupon code to save more money!

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This Fabric Will Convince You It’s Spring!

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For an airy, floral pattern take a look at this 2 Tone Metallic Carnation Floral Sequins Fabric! It features a mesh backing with two-toned stitched flowers and vines. The thread used by the crafters has a metallic sheen that adds a lustrous shine. Strategically-placed sequins give an additional sparkle but aren’t overwhelming. This fabric is beautifully designed and makes wonderful use of complementary color schemes.

Choose from one of four carefully crafted color options. The entire collection features such expertly curated colors that it’s difficult to pick favorites. You have the options of Gold and White, Mint and White, Red and White, or Royal and Mint. Use this fabric for your drapery needs or for a spring-inspired dress! You can even create a room divider curtain with this fabric, as it’s sure to add to the decor. Made from polyester, this fabric measure 52 inches in width and has scalloped edges. It is available for $13.99 per yard. You can request a $1 sample as well.

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Colorful, Shimmering, and Iridescent! What More Could You Want?

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Iridescent Fringe Tinsel Sequins Mesh Fabric brings something truly remarkable to the crafting world. This cloth features elongated, glimmering sequins that give the impression of bird feathers. They attach at only one end so they will move freely, reminding of a feather garland. The holographic coating means that they will shine and flicker as you move. Smaller rows of sequins create a delicate border that then leads to a vine-like pattern of sequins and stitching. This fabric gives an airy, weightless impression since the sequined pattern is sewn onto mesh backing.

This fabric would make a vibrant, colorful shawl. The mesh will keep you cool, and the one-of-a-kind pattern will make a daring fashion statement. You could even create an attention-grabbing curtain or an exciting skirt. With 9 marvelous, glittering options to choose from you are sure to find a color combination that appeals to your sense of adventure. Mermaid Green, Lilac Purple, and Tropical Coral are just a taste of what’s available. You can obtain this glamorous fabric for $37.99 per yard or ask for a $1 sample. This fabric is 52” wide and is made of 100% polyester. You are certain to be inspired!

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