Velvet-Backed Sequins For Your Next Project!

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Looking for sequins? Do you need a wide choice of colors and sturdy backing? Then Rain Drop Sequin Stretch Fabric may be perfect for you! It features a velvet backing, giving it additional weight and stability while still keeping the shimmering, beautiful look you’re used to. With 13 colors to choose from, you’ll be certain to find one that fits your needs. Options include Eggplant, Black, Silver, Fuchsia, Navy Blue, Red, and Turquoise. Whether you are going for a bright, festive look or a more professional, subtle look, you’ll be able to find the shade that fits your project.

This fabric features carefully placed 1/8″ sequins, and the fabric comes in a width of 55/60 inches. Rain Drop Sequin Stretch Fabric is made of polyester. It also has a two-way stretch, making it comfortable to wear. This unique, wonderfully glimmering fabric is available for $14.99 per yard. If you’d like the chance to see this fabric in person first, you can request a sample for just $1.

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rain drip sequins stretch

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New Empire Sequin Fabric in Time for the New Year!

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If you are looking for an impressive collection of sequin-encrusted fabrics, you’ll be pleased to learn about our new line of empire sequin fabrics. These fabrics features small, delicately placed sequins that sparkle and catch the light. The sequins are carefully placed on a mesh backing and are arranged in enticing patterns and color combinations. One example is Empire Sequins Royal Dress Fabric in Mermaid Green. This cloth features glimmering sequins in blues and greens in a pattern reminiscent of sea grass and royal, curved lines. This fabric and its companions with their variety in color and pattern would make an amazing, shimmery dress. You would be the center of admiration and compliments. You may even be asked to create something for a friend!

These Empire Fabrics are made of polyester and come in a width of 54 inches. They are designed with finished edges. With a multitude of colors and patterns to choose from, including options such as Renaissance Damask Sequins Mesh Fabric in Silver and Marvelous Floral Beaded Sequins Dress Fabric in Black, you are certain to find what you are looking for. Let this fabric inspire you to create something new for 2019!

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Diamonds and Sequins!

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Looking for a new idea using sequins? If you love sequined fabric but want a bit more variety and pattern, you may enjoy the look of Diamond Checkered Sequins Mesh Fabric. This cloth features a diamond pattern in alternating colors carefully stitched onto a mesh backing. Small sequins are delicately placed to make up the diamonds, which are 1.5 by 2 inches. This fabric comes in White/Silver and in Tiffany/Gold, giving you two timeless options to choose from. This fabric would shine as a dress or even a scarf. For a more unusual ideas, you could try using this fabric as window drapes or as a room divider.

This fabric comes in a width of 54″ and has a two-way stretch. It is made of polyester. Diamond Checkered Sequins Mesh Fabric is available for $11.99 per yard. Samples are also available, which will let you see the fabric in person for $1. Let this sequined diamond pattern inspire you to create!

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diamond checkered sequins

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