Curly Sequins Mesh Fabric

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Curly Sequins Mesh Fabric

Curly Sequins Mesh Fabric

Product Info:

To make any item stand out try our new Curly Sequin Mesh Fabric. The backing of this sequins fabric is compose from quality mesh fabric. At the top there are two size mini disc sequins attached to the backing which are scattered through out the fabric in a curly pattern. The width of the sequins fabric is 58″ inches and is sold by the yard and in continuous yards.


Can be used for Dresses, Costumes, Gowns, Shoes, Dress and Clothing Linings, Handbags, Clothing Accessories, + more

Products details:

Made From 100% Polyester
Width: 58″ inches
Mesh Backing
Slight One Way Stretch
Sold In Continuous Yards

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